Fidget Spinners

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Fidget Spinners burst on the scene, almost over night they were everywhere. These curious little Gadgets have taken the World by Storm and people are eating them up. I asked my nieces what they want for their Birthdays, both said "Fidget Spinners". Reminds me of the Yoyo and the Hula Hoop when I was young. I think Spinners are hear to stay, not just a Fad. Aparently two stores are opened in Los Angeles. Who Knew ?

Economic and Social Research Council found that children that were allowed to fidget performed better in memory and learning tests.

But there is some benefits to fidgeting. People who fidget regularly tend to weigh less than people who don't, because they burn more calories than those who remain still. You are going to love this little bit of information, fidgeting burns 350 calories a day. That is 127,750 calories a year.

Which brings us to the Fidget Spinner. This is a tool to help Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Focus, Stress Relief and they are simply just.....


Fidget Spinners not just for Humans

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 11:15:42 -0400
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