Just a reminder that Fly Hunting Season is just around the corner. Making sure your RBG's are cleaned and sighted in. Lots of ammo on hand. Expecting an influx of flies, spiders and bugs this year. Gonna make for some good fun huntin and shootin. Damn you gotta be good to pick a Fly off at about 10ft. when it is moving. I gotta double hit with one shot at 6ft. from my armchair. Have you ever hit a Fly in flight, like shooting clay pigeons.
Great looking selection of Rubber Band Guns this year. I have one picked out. Nice Hand Gun six shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Well enjoy Fly Season while it lasts.

But come winter it's indoor shooting fun. You got your tin can targets, of course your friends to shoot, the annoying sister and her friends, all's fun till someone loses an eye, my Mom's favorite line. So we had to stop shooting each other. Then we would get out our bag of Green Army Men, divide them up. We would be about 10 ft. apart and line them up, not in a straight line either, all over, behind stuff, up high, down low, make it hard for your enemy to hit your men. The first one to knock down all your enemy's men WINS...Great Game.


Hand Guns

Elastic Precision Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun. All wood construction. Made from solid Hard Maple and Walnut wood. Semi-Automatically fires 6 rubber bands Comes with 100 rubber bands No plastic pieces! Amazon...click here 4.5 stars and 23 reviews. Price..$32.92

3D Jigsaw Puzzels Elastic Rubber Band Pistol Handgun for Kids 6+ and Adults. This gun ships to Canada. Price $17.99

Rubber Band Gun Black Bear Destroyer Shotgun with Extra Rubber Bands Ammo and Army Men Targets. Right out of the box your kids can start shooting. Load up to 9 rubber bands at a time. Semi auto, fast as you pull the trigger. 4.5 stars and 36 reviews. Amazon......$18.95

Magnum Enterprises Colt Derringer Pistol Rubber Band Gun. Designed for use with our GREEN rubber band ammunition (sold separately) All Magnum Enterprises rubber band guns, swords and other products are 100% American-made using solid, high-quality wood. 4.2 stars and 7 good reviews. Amazon.....$13.99
Banded Bandit Six Shooter Rubber Band Gun Set w/ Targets & Ammo. AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY “My favorite go-to gift!” “High-quality gun for classic, good fun!” 4.1 stars and 38 excellent reviews. Watch Video Below. Amazon.....$14.95
Elastic Precision Model PPK Rubber Band Gun. Great little gun for concealment, when main gun runs out at a critical moment of combat. Fires 5 bands up to 20 feet. (50 bands included). 4.3 stars and 43 reviews. Pull Trigger.....$18.02

Aoovi Wooden Rubber Band Gun with Extra Rubber Bands Ammo. When I read this, had to put this gun in my website, no shit this gun is guaranteed for Life! If it fails to fully 100% satisfy or survive, return it to the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement. Can't beat that!!! Amazon.....$17.90

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 6 Barrel Wood Project Kit. We are now offering our very popular Rubber Band Gatling gun as a 6 barrel DIY kit. This is a parts kit with instructions, not just the plans. The perfect project for a Boy Scout, Father/Son, Father/Daughter or the handyman type. This kit requires a little bit of experience and is a great learning opportunity for the young builder. Carpentry tools required. Amazon.....$40.00

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